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 innu OS  Operating System   Powered by innuOS   innu OS  allows a complete Music Library management using a tablet or smartphone. Ripping CDs, importing music, editing album data (including covers) and backing up your music library can all be easily done easily without the need for a PC.  innuOS also contains many intelligent features to help organise your Music Library such as our rule-based music import engine or the Assisted CD Ripping mode.   INTELLIGENT CD RIPPING    Bit-Perfect Ripping   Using AccurateStream technology, extract every last bit of your CDs into WAV or FLAC files.   Automatic CD Ripping   Just pop-in a CD! innu OS  will automatically get full album data and cover from multiple online databases, rip your CD and eject when done.   Assisted CD Ripping   Assisted CD Ripping allows you to see and edit all the album data and cover obtained from the online databases before you rip the CD. Great for Classical Music!   Quiet Mode   Love to listen to music whilst ripping your CDs and want absolute silence? Just engage Quiet Mode for slowing down ripping, making it much quieter and with less vibration.   Offline Ripping   CDs can be ripped without internet connection. When connected, album data and cover for all offline ripped CDs will be obtained with a simple click.   DIGITAL MUSIC IMPORT    Import Wizards for Existing Libraries   Pre-defined wizards for importing music from USB storage, Music Servers and NAS.   Intelligent Import Engine   innu OS  takes all the hard work of importing music by intelligently analysing the music files and applying a number of rules such as:  Organising the music based on format quality (compressed, cd quality or high-resolution), Artist and Album  Removing very long file names or illegal characters  Adding metadata to WAV files based on folder structure   Download from Online Stores   Qobuz, Linn Records, HD Tracks, HiResAudio, B&W Society of Sound, iTunes, Amazon and more. Just download the music files (even if they are in a zip or tar file) to the Auto Import shared folder and the server will take care of adding and updating the music library.   MUSIC LIBRARY MANAGEMENT    Edit or Delete Albums   Browse your library, select the album you want to update and just start editing directly on your tablet or smartphone. You can change the cover, manage genres based on previously used genres or simply delete the album - couldn’t be easier.   Quarantine   Quarantine is a staging area, separate from the Music Library, where any albums requiring attention are placed so they can be fixed before they go into the Music Library. These include:  Albums with no metadata  Ripped albums with damaged tracks  Potentially duplicated albums  Albums ripped offline   Automatic Music Library Update   After music is added, modified or deleted, the library is automatically updated as well as any connected systems such as Sonos or UPnP Streamers.   MUSIC SERVER MANAGEMENT    Automatic Network Identification   No more figuring out IP addresses find your server. Just go to on your tablet or smartphone to list all Innuos devices on the network and access the innu OS  App from there.   Remote Updates   Update the system with a touch of a button to benefit from our continuous improvements: new functionalities, enriched customer experience or enhanced sound quality.   Automatic Backup to USB Drive or NAS   Backup of your music library can be set on innuOS to start automatically based on library growth (e.g. every time 50 CDs are added) to either a USB backup drive or to a NAS on the network.   HI-FI MUSIC PLAYER    Rediscover Your Music and Discover New One   Play all your music as well as Internet Radio and streaming services with the best sound quality by connecting directly to a DAC or Digital Amplifier via asynchronous USB.  Spotify, Tidal and Qobuz require premium subscriptions   Supports All Major Music Formats   The innu OS  Music Player plays FLAC, DSD, MQA, WAV, Apple Lossless, AIFF, M4A and MP3 supporting bitrates up to 32bit/384KHz and DSD256, when connecting to compatible DACs   Playback from NAS   Play music stored on an external NAS drive.   Roon-Ready Player   The innu OS  Music Player can optionally become a Roon-Ready player so you can use the amazing Roon interface to explore your music like never before.    Find out more   about Roon integration   STREAMERS AND MULTI-ROOM SYSTEMS    Perfect Integration with Sonos   innu OS  can automatically connect its music library to a Sonos system at the touch of a button as well as automatically rescan the Sonos Music Library when any album is added, modified or deleted from the Music Library.   Fast and Reliable UPnP Server   innu OS  also contains a UPnP Server configured out-of-the-box to work flawlessly with a number of UPnP-based systems:  Wireless multi-room speakers such as Bang & Olufsen, Denon HEOS, BOSE and many others  Music streamers from Naim, Linn , Moon, Auralic and many others   Roon Server   innu OS  will also optionally integrate Roon Core* so you can use innu OS  with other Roon-Ready streamers for a complete multi-room system.  * A Roon license, purchased separately, is required    Find out more   about Roon integration   Home Automation   innu OS  can be integrated with the most popular home automation control systems such as RTI, Control4, KNX, AMX, Elan, Crestron and iRidium.
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